Flotilla Project


It should be easy and productive to find others.


Flotilla Project is a sandbox to help online people and communities.

With OGM, CICOLAB, and other communities, we will experiment and co-create a working prototype of project, association, and people directories. From our own individual projects, we have some ideas, designs, and products that might be productively adapted or fleshed out within Flotilla Project.


We're building towards a product called Flotilla.

We expect to spend a few weeks in each phase before proceeding to the next, although timing will evolve as the project proceeds.

Phase 0 - Prototyping - experiments / spikes

Phase 1 - pre-MVP - alpha

Phase 2 - Web MVP - v1 - beta / pre-beta

Phase 3 - v2 - gamma / platform


Flotilla Project is underway as of 2020-12-18. We expect Flotilla Project to be time-limited, and to morph into other things, perhaps even by Spring/Summer 2021.


Vincent Arena
Charles Blass
Peter Kaminski

Related Organizations

Open Global Mind
Tools for Connectors Association

How To Contact Us / How To Get Involved

Flotilla Fridays - after the 2020 holidays, we're planning to have a weekly open house, with a couple of hours of discussion and work, with everybody invited.

Invitation to Tools for Connectors Association members - we are looking forward to coordinating and collaborating with other members of the Tools for Connectors Association.

Come chat with us any time on the Tools for Connectors Association channel on CSC Mattermost!

Feel free to email Vincent or Pete.